Bronze Eagles Flying Club of Texas Sends Kudos to Major General John H Bailey II

Major General John H. Bailey II (Ret.) served as the Reviewing Officer for the U.S. Marine Corps Battle Color Guard Detachment Pass and Review on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 in League City, Texas.

Major General John H. Bailey II was commissioned an Ordnance Officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School on 10 May 1967.
His subsequent duty stations include:

  • Platoon Leader; 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, KY and the Republic of Vietnam.
  • Staff Officer; Fort Bragg, NC. Fixed Wing Aviator; Fort McClelland, Al. Aviation Offshore Sales Plan Officer; US Army and Long Bing, South Vietnam.
  • Assistant Professor of Military Science; Alcorn State Univ. Lorman, MS. Operations Officer; 202nd Battalion Second Military Police Group Houston, TX.
  • Executive Officer; Second Military Police Group Houston, TX.
  • Deputy Commanding General; Second Military Police Group, Texas
    State Guard Houston, TX.
  • Commanding General; Texas State Guard, Camp Mabry, TX.
  • Major General Bailey II has attended: Army Ordnance Center and School, Officer Candidate School. Army Aviation School, Fixed Wing Aviators Course, US Army Ordnance Center and School for the Ordnance Officer Advanced Course and the Command and General Staff College; Command and General Staff Officer Course.

Congratulations, “Bronze Eagle” General John H. Bailey II (Ret.) – The Black Pilots of American and the Bronze Eagles Flying Club of Texas are so very proud of you and your service. SALUTE!

General Bailey Saluting the Color Guard
General Bailey Saluting the Band
General Bailey Saluting the Silent Drill Team